Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bekke's post

as Vanessa said, we are in Amsterdam on a layover. I am glad to be off the first flight to stretch my legs and brush my teeth. The airport here is great, they have amazing baby facilities. There is a room with many cribs and bathtubs in which to wash you baby and let them have a sweet nap in peace while the parents stretch out on a lovely sofa. So, exactly why does socialism suck? Somebody please remind me???
Anyhow, we will save politics for another time :) To expand on Vanessa's description of the flight we had I have to describe the man picking his nose... It was unreal, he was across the aisle from me and he was just DIGGING away, then inspecting it and depositing the winnings in his mouth. He was shameless, I was beyond shocked and grossed out.
I am so tired, and we have ten hours of flying ahead of us so I will just sign off and try to relax a bit while Donna (DeDe) sleeps.
Love Bekke
PS here is a picture of my friend Marty's daughter Mellie, she just adopted her and is about to meet her bio sister back in Deleware for the first time... Amazing story


Elaine said...

I have a student who I teach individually, and we will be sitting there chatting about the work and he will DIG into his nose, look at what he's found and eat it while I am in the middle of talking to him.

one happy family said...

Hilarious Elaine! Let's not leave out "picking and driving". The people that think they are invisible to those of us crawling alongside them on the freeways subjected to the trauma of witnessing the most heinous of nose picking scenes...