Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31 from Raft Island

Its 7 pm and I just put down Solly.  He was so sweet and he just whimpered mama and took the baba and went nigh nigh, gave Gam a kiss first.  We had a lot of fun playing ball.  Can't wait to hear from Bekke.  Beautiful sunset, we already miss you!

Leaving today

It is almost six a.m and I am lying in my bed on the day of flight.  I am waiting to hear the sound of Solly in his crib so I can hold him and kiss him all over for the last few hours I am with him for 10 days.
Separating the joy of meeting Donna with the fear of leaving Solly has proven difficult for me, to say the least...
I love you Solly, Mama loves you.

Monday, March 30, 2009

ok, I am stressed

I am stressed.  I keep running through stuff in my head trying to make sure it is all done...
more later

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Auntie Vanessa gets here tomorrow!

Well, it is almost here.  It is once again surreal, I am so excited and nervous and happy and emotional.  To feel her and smell her, to look into her eyes.  Watching the video of her over and over, sitting in her room, folding her little dresses...


Saturday, March 28, 2009

KOKEB for dinner

We are going to our fav Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle for dinner and my friend Yeshi is going to translate my cards to Nannies at the care center into Amharic for me (so they can read it!).  Emily turns sixteen in a few days and we have a good surprise for her in store...

We are waiting on the fed ex truck!

More soon,


We can't wait for Donna!

Dad and Solly on beach

Saturday before Bekke and Vanessa leave

Its Saturday, March 27th.  I am sitting in our living room on Raft Island with Bekke, Solly and Emily(who I think just went back to bed.)  We keep looking at the new video we received last night of Donna.  She is so amazingly beautiful.  We both commented that her smile is so much like Solly's and if she is even half as happy as he it will be so much fun for us all.  I am sure she will fit right in.  

I am so happy that Bekke's sister Vanessa is going with her on Tuesday.  It means so much to me that she will be there to support Bekke since I am staying home with Solomon.  What a gift Vanessa is giving us, I know it will be an experience that will change her life.  Thank you so much Vanessa.   And thanks to everyone for the support during this excitement charged and emotional time!

I am going to sign off and get some more Joe.  Bye for now, Brad.

Roberts kids waiting for new sister/cousin

We recently had Jim and Selina to visit.  The next time we all get together we will be an even larger crew.  We can't wait!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brad's birthday is tomorrow (St Patricks day)

Tomorrow Brad turns 45! He looks better than most 35 year old men in my opinion :) The cousins are still here visiting and Solly is loving it up. The weather is on and off and I give it another month until Spring arrives...
Pictures of the birthday boy tomorrow.
Shalom in the home,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday March 15th, 2009

The Roberts clan from Sun Valley are visiting and it's a celebration of food, XBox, basketball etc. We had a great time at Gam and Pa's this morning eating another traditional Smorbord and enjoying each others company :)

Just 15 days until Vanessa and I leave for Addis, I have Donna's room ready with all her clothes hung, crib prepared, and diapers lined up in a neat row. It snowed this morning and has already melted, thankfully...

More soon,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night, the 13th of March 2009

As the the sun starts make its presence known again on Raft Island we are starting to prepare at a more accelerated pace. Our nanny has passed Solly's test and Bulmavo is back in the yard. Emily, Gam and Bek went to Ikea to help fill the house up with cozy places to sit with our new baby. We are all wondering how a new addition to the family will be for Solomon and really all of us. As a father of three already I feel like I am ready, but I know to expect the unexpected. Bek is an amazing Mom and though we are all in for a huge change, I think she will be most affected. She is up to the challenge. There will definitely be lots of action on Raft Island this spring!

Leaving in 17 days

Counting down the days until I leave! Vanessa gets here in 16 days and I am steadily working on the baby's room :)
Very happy, very emotional and very excited!
More soon,
Bekke :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

not allowed to post pictures of her yet

Our agency is asking us not to post pictures of Donna until we have her home with us, it is a sensitive issue with the Ethiopian gov't and we are obviously respecting the rules...

We can tell you that she is beautiful!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We can't wait for Donna!

This is Donna's Daddy and my first post. I plan on adding more and becoming an awesome blogger. I am so excited about our new daughter and can't wait to have her with us. Its been a long wait and since we have been through this once before you'd think it would be an easier wait, but no. She is so beautiful and we are in love with her already. Its amazing to think she is my daughter, my fourth child. I sometimes can't believe how lucky we are. Bekke and I are blessed with family and great friends. Zack, Emily and Solly are such amazing people and its going to be amazing to see our new daughter join them.

We passed court!

We got an email from our agency that we passed court early! It was a welcome email to say the least! Vanessa and I will be traveling on March 31st and returning on April 10th. We are going through Amsterdam both ways and will be stopping in for a short visit on the way there...
As with Solly's adoption this is all feeling so unreal, surreal. Now to start the task of packing and list making.
More soon.