Monday, October 20, 2008


this morning we got an email telling us that there is a little girl who may be ours!
She is one month old and comes from Addis Ababa, a different region from Solly.
We will keep you updated, no for sure's yet!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Working on the home study and Dossier

We had our first home study appt with our ever lovin' social worker on August 4th to begin again. Since then I have been swimming in paperwork and trying to remember dates and events in our lives past. Solly and Mama and Dad are going on a trip to Nelson, B.C. This is where Mum lived before she came to Gig Harbor and Solly still hasn't been to visit! Mum is very excited to show him off to all her loved ones there.

This morning Mum got up at an ungodly hour due to too much winding through her head. Solly and I are trying to obtain a "schengen" travel visa for a trip to Denmark with Gam to visit rely's. This morning we need to go get some passport pics and a money order to mail off the application to the Swiss consulate in Los Angeles. This is all because Solly as of now is still not a citizen of the U.S.

You must wait until your 6 month post-placement report to file for what is called Re-adoption. It is not this way with all international adoption. Some countries (China for instance) have instant citizenship upon arrival in the United States. Perhaps we will know that glory if ever we were referred a child from China (yes we have been in line for many a moon now), but that's another story...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here we go again...

Well, it is decided. We have begun the adoption process again and couldn't be more excited! Solomon is the joy of our lives and we want to give him a sibling to love and play with , grow up alongside...

Last week we signed the check, had the paperwork notarized and mailed the package off. We have an appt with our social worker on August the 4th to start another home study report.

Emily is beside herself with excitement to have another baby in the house, especially a girl. Everyone has been very supportive and loving regarding our decision and we hope to have a smooth adoption process without court delays, USCIS problems or anything like that (hey we can dream!)

We will be updating as the timeline marches along. Thanks for taking the journey with us!

Love the von Hessert-Roberts family