Saturday, May 26, 2018

Nuestros días en playa!

Después de una visita a koosie dental :) 

Solly loves Mila (miss Sophie’s pet) 

Dede pretending to be asleep 🤪 since I was taking pictures for the blog hahaha

Momma getting ready for her business trip! She is going shopping with kim :) 

 We love papalote! Best school in Playa del Carmen :) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


 Isn’t she just sooooo gorgeous? I love my DD

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Merida de mis amores

Here we are once again, we came to Merida to ask for a b1 visa, this time Mr Brad went with me to my appointment but sadly they say no. I was in tears when I told the kids about it. It’s pretty sad and disappointed but we still have hope that maybe in a future I will have a chance to be on Rafty again. 
Besides that, we had a great time, I love road trips and I know the kids enjoyed the ride talking with dad about history, learning about places and more. It’s pretty fun! Kids make friends at the pool, and we also went to visit the animaya park. We definitely enjoy Merida so much. It was a quick trip but lovely. When we arrived we celebrate Shawn and aridna’s baby shower, mom and I were sick but we know the party was good :) So here we are, in paamul enjoying the last days of spring break!! We live in paradise. We are so lucky 🍀 

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Papalote has being part of our lives since almos 6 years! I can not believe it... time goes too fast. Solly and Dede are almost as tall as me (i know I know I am very short 🤪 156 cm) but in our eyes they are still little babies!! I miss their baby face so much!! Dede and I are sharing shoes, I give her some of my old clothes (that don’t feet me anymore! I grow but to the sides 😅) she is so beautiful and talented... solly is so handsome too! So smart and very sporty! Love them both so much. I am very lucky to see them grow. They have also very good friends at school. Here some pics of the last festival 💕  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Solly and Dede love their weekends! And I don’t blame them at all. This last Friday kids finished school early and Abby, jake, zack and Emma came to sleep over, Soooo momma make a pool party at home! Matthews and Carlitos also came to play for a bit. And not only that! Saturday and Sunday kids went back to their paradise house in paamul. Tao came to play with solly, Angel and my cousin hector also came to visit and we show them around. We had a great time. Somebody told me that yanten will no be a private beach for a long time, a hotel will be there soon. :( 
We had so many memories from yanten and for sure will be missing to have that little bit of heaven only for us! 


Momma’s best friend Shawn is having a baby girl! Kim and momma are organizing a baby shower, sadly I can not be there because I will go to Merida to ask one more time for a visa (hopefully this time they will approve) I’m sure they will have a blast! Daddy is coming home today with lots of gifts for the baby girl 💕 He was away for his birthday this year and we miss him so much!